Blossom Stories

Ailbhe’s Story

We first met Ailbhe at Blossom Discovery camp in 2016. She was a shy quiet girl who only gave us glimpses of her personality and sense of humour. As Ailbhe progressed to our weekly programme for teenagers Blossom Buddies (now Blossom Explore) she became more confident and independent and that’s when we really got to know her and to benefit from her fantastic sense of humour!

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Amy’s Story

Amy is a bubbly, energetic and sociable young girl who has been attending Blossom Ireland Discovery camps and yoga classes since she was 9. Amy started Blossom Explore once she turned 14 in spring 2019. She has now completed her first term and although she was nervous at the beginning she settled in very quickly and is now a really active participant in the group each week.

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Conor’s Story

Conor was one of the first young people to reach 18 and graduate from the Blossom Gateway Programme in 2017 having attended our services since he was 10. When Conor was 17, he told our team that he wanted a job at a Blossom Discovery camp. The team took him seriously and Conor volunteered as a support staff member for two summers. 



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