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Urgent Fundraising Appeal

Fundraising target

We’re aiming to raise €100,000. So far we’ve raise €84,200.

€0 €100,000

My name is Auveen Bell and I am co-founder and CEO of Blossom Ireland. I’m a writing to you as I need urgent help. I need support to raise €100,000 before year end to ensure the continued delivery of our vital, life-enhancing programmes – programmes our families tell us ‘are unique and most adapted to our children’.

Blossom Ireland was founded because of a need within my own home, the need I had as a mother to ensure that my son Rory who has an intellectual disability would get the same opportunities in life as his sisters – opportunities to learn, to have fun and to progress. 10 years later what started as a personal story has now become a national one.

There are 66,611 people in Ireland with an intellectual disability including 7,290 aged 15 to 19 (CSO 2016). 8 out of 10 aged 15 and above are not in employment. Only 2.1% live independently.

Blossom Ireland provides practical, innovative and impactful programmes to young people with intellectual disabilities from aged 14 and above which address these issues. We have set ourselves the ambitious target of reaching at least 1 in 10 young people in Ireland who have an intellectual disability by 2025. But we need support – support to fund this ambition.

Due to the challenges of CoVid 19 we find ourselves with an immediate funding shortfall of €100,000 which has to be met by our year end. We are working on the development of long-term, sustainable revenue streams for 2021 and beyond and some partnerships are at an advanced stage, but we need to fill this fundraising gap in the meantime.

What these young people with intellectual disabilities are seeking in life is not charity, rather they are seeking the same basic human right as everyone else in this country when it comes to accessing education, employment and social activities. I believe we all have a part to play in this. If you think your part can be to help fund this human right then donate nowfundraise for us this Christmas or get in touch with us. I’d love to hear from you.

Many thanks for your time,

Auveen Bell
CEO & Co-Founder