AONTAS Members Webinar

Title: AONTAS Members Webinar

On the 26th of May, Blossom Ireland was invited to host a webinar with AONTAS Members after winning an AONTAS STAR Award back in March 2021. What a wonderful experience! Imelda Fitzpatrick, our Programme Director and Maja Trninić, our Educational Programme Coordinator here in Blossom Ireland took the lead in presenting the webinar all about My Blossom Channel and how we used innovation to create something new and fresh during COVID-19!

“It was a wonderful experience, we felt very supported and they went out of their way to make sure everything is working well and that myself and Imelda are relaxed. Participants gave us amazing feedback and the breakout rooms were great place to have a chat with professionals working in different areas, exchange experiences and make way for potential collaboration. Aontas team was extremely well organised, relaxed and on top of things at all times.”

Maja Trninić

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