As a family member, you will play a leading role in your young person’s transition process. We fully respect the need to keep the young person and their aspirations at the centre of the process, however we also understand that in most cases it is family members who lead these transitions. In order to enable the most successful transitions, Blossom Connect provides family members with practical training and support tools which can be applied during each key transition their young person encounters as they move through life.
Training includes:
  • Introduction into Blossom Ireland and what we can offer
  • An overview of the concept of person-centred practices
  • How to implement person-centred planning and practices
  • How to develop a one-page profile
  • The process involved in person-centred reviews and action orientated outcomes
  • An opportunity for questions and answers

One-page Profile

A one-page profile captures all the important information about a person on a single sheet of paper under three simple headings:

  • What people appreciate about me
  • What’s important to me
  • How best to support me

A one-page profile is a fantastic way to provide a snapshot of the person and how best to support them as they move into new settings.

Person-Centred Reviews

A person-centred review explores what is currently happening in a young person’s life, what is working and what is not working for them and then helps identify their future ambitions and aspirations. This is a collaborative process that truly considers the perspective of the young person, their family and those supporting them. A person-centred review sets clear, positive and achievable goals to support the young person in reaching their aspirations.
Who attends a review? We welcome the important people in a young person’s life to give input to and attend a review. These can include:
  • Young person
  • Family members that play an important role in the young person’s life such as parents / guardian
  • Support workers
  • Educators / practitioners

Transition Plan

On completion, each family receives a transitions plan which includes:

  • A completed one-page profile
  • Information / sign posting on available supports during transitions
  • Three detailed person-centred reviews outlining the actions that have already been taken to meet specific short-term goals and the future actions to be taken to continue meeting long-terms goals


Programme Start Dates

Introduction to Person-Centred Practices Training:

  • Wednesday 25th November 7:30pm on zoom

This training is the first element of the Blossom Connect Programme. All families must have attended this training before scheduling reviews with our team. To register for the training and for our programme get in touch with our team on or 01877 0763.

Which Transitions?
  • Transition from school to another school
  • Transition into day services or training centre
  • Transition into employment
  • Transition into college and further educations opportunities
  • Transition into developing more independence for young adulthood
Why choose Blossom Connect?


We acknowledge that young people and their families are the experts on themselves. We value collaborative approaches to empowering them to set concrete goals with the most important people in their lives such as education providers, key workers, employers etc.


Blossom Connect is led by the family and the young person’s needs and therefore they get to decide who the appropriate people to include in the process are. It provides an environment that nurtures ambition and hope. It helps to give them control and independence over important aspects of the young person’s life.

Truly Bespoke

Whilst there is a specific process to Blossom Connect, the outcome will differ for each family. We know that a one-size fits all approach just doesn’t work and so we take extra measures to get to know families and create a transition plan that is truly personalised to their needs, wants and aspirations.


The programme is open to young people and their families all across Ireland

Young person must have a diagnosed physical or developmental disability and be aged 15 – 25.

The family must make a commitment to attend one training session and four face to face / zoom meetings that will allow us to facilitate person-centred reviews, set action-focused goals and develop a one-page profile for the young person.



Blossom Ireland subsidises more than 75% of the costs thanks to funding from the Ability Grant which is co-funded by the Irish Government and The European Social Fund.

*A payment plan can be offered and we have a small bursary fund available for people who are experiencing financial hardship. Please do get in touch with us and we can discuss this in more details. 

Where is the programme delivered?

The trainings and person-centred reviews can be done face-to-face or online using zoom or a mix of both.

The Down Syndrome Centre is delighted to share Blossom Ireland’s Connect Programme among our families as we recognise the importance of such programmes for young people with an intellectual disability and their families especially during times of transition.  Planning for any young person’s future is vital for success and more so when the young person has additional needs.  Blossoms Connect Programme is the perfect tool to assist in developing short and long-term goals, helping them to achieve the life they want to live.

Claire / The Down Syndrome Centre
Thinking Disability logo

It was great to talk to you and really admire what you are doing with Blossom.
We will endeavour to raise awareness of what you do, there is a massive need and I feel you will be very successful.

Michael / Thinking Disabilities


We’re recruiting new young people and their families to join the programme. To apply or express your interest for Blossom Connect, get in touch today with a member of our team on or 01 877 0763.

Lyndsey Cusack
Transitions Planning Coordinator


tel: 086 171 6484

Adrienne Power
Community Connector


tel: 086 792 5623