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Body Maps and Emotion Colour Wheel

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It can help to put a name and locate your emotions.

Use this emotion wheel with a family member to describe how you feel.

Blossom Ireland Emotion Colour Wheel

Download the emotion colour wheel

Show on your body or on the drawing below where you feel the emotion.

Download the body drawing here

For example, if I pick angry and tell you that I’m feeling it in my legs – maybe I’m a little restless and need some physical movement, like laps of the garden for 2mins or jumping jacks. It might help me blow off some steam.

When you find something that works and makes you feel better, write it down so you can remember what works and use it again in the future!

If the wheel of emotions is too simple and does not describe how you feel, I have included three other pages with emotions on them.

To print the emotion pages click here: page 1; page 2; page 3.

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