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Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing exercises are known to help us slow down and relax. 😊🙏

Take 5 Breathing Exercise

Take 5 breathing demonstration by Nicola

This breathing exercise uses your hand to guide you through a breathing exercise.

Download here the directions sheet with the visual for this breathing exercise.

Five Count Breathing

5 count breathing demonstration by Nicola

The star shaped breathing map guides this breathing method. Trace the star with your finger breathing in for the first line, pausing and breathing out for the second line. If one time around the star isn’t quite enough, try again!

Flower Breathing

Flower Breathing demonstration by Nicola

Flower Breathing 1: trace around two petals of the flower as you breath in and breath out slowly as you trace around the next two petals. Continue until you’ve traced the whole flower or feel a little better.

Flower breathing 2: get a flower or pretend you have one – breath in deep as though you are smelling the flower – breath out slowly as though you are trying to blow away a leaf!

Leaf breathing: Breath in while you trace up one side of the leaf with your finger and breath out while you trace down the other side – go around as many times as you need to!

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