Chocolate Easter Cupcakes – Accessible Recipe!

Title: Chocolate Easter Cupcakes - Accessible Recipe

If you like chocolate, cupcakes and Easter eggs?! Look no further, we have the perfect easy and accessible recipe for you to try out over the Easter holidays! Use the lists below to gather your ingredients and equipment then watch the video and follow along to make your very own delicious chocolate Easter cupcakes!

Ingredient list and what you need:

Below is an accessible checklist of all the ingredients and equipment you will need to make these delicious cupcakes, just click the button to download the list:

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Dragan Maksimovic and our very own Maja Trninic for creating this amazing video! For more Cooking inspiration Dragan has a YouTube channel full of recipes to try at home! We cannot wait to see your amazing creations, good luck!

Now here’s the exciting part! Blossom Ireland wants to give you the opportunity to win a Blossom t-shirt and keyring for the best Easter cupcakes.

Share a picture of your cupcakes with us and be as creative as possible!

Tag us @BlossomIreland #BakingwithBlossom on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

From there our team will pick one winner to receive a Blossom t-shirt and keyring!

The deadline to upload your picture is the 11th at 8pm!

The winner will be picked on the 12th April at 1pm your picture will be shared online and we will contact you if you’ve won!

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