Blossom Employer Training Programme

Developing a workplace inclusive of people with intellectual disabilities

Blossom Ireland’s new Diversity & Inclusion Training Programme is your opportunity to develop a more inclusive, equitable workplace.

Our bespoke training is for employers seeking to build an environment suitable for individuals of all abilities and is a perfect-fit for organisations small & large.

Read on to learn more about our training and use the button below to download a copy of our Employer Training Programme one pager. To register your interest, use the contact form below or contact Shane at

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use the form below to enquire about the Employer Training Programme. Alternatively, get in touch with Shane at or via phone at 086 171 6484.

During this training, we:

  • Clarify what intellectual disability (ID) is and is not
  • Tackle common myths about people with ID
  • Present some strengths and challenges people with ID face
  • Discuss workplace culture and inclusivity
  • Present benefits of neurodiversity in the workplace
  • Discuss with a person with ID the importance of employment
  • Give tips and guidelines on communication and inclusion
  • Discuss how to support a co-worker with ID in the workplace
  • Present stories of people with ID in employment
  • Q&A with a person with ID in employment

This training programme is facilitated by Blossom Ireland staff members. We typically have three members of our staff facilitate: a member of our Programming team, a member of our Fundraising team and our Programme Advocate, who is a person with an intellectual disability who, having graduated from our programmes, is now in employment.

We recognise that every workplace is different and may have different working structures in terms of in-office/remote work. With this in mind, we tailor each training to the needs of each organisation. Our trainings can be facilitated in-person, via Zoom or through pre-recorded video content.

Our fundamental goal with this programme is to support organisations to develop more accessible, inclusive and equitable workplaces. The outcome is a team that has a keen understanding of what it means to have an intellectual disability, how to support members of this community and why it’s important to have a diverse workplace.

Our trainings are adapted to each organisation based on its needs, however our webinar usually starts from one hour and our in-person training starts from 90 minutes.

We’d ask for a minimum of 10 attendees, however there’s really no limit to attendance – the more the better!