Haile Volunteers at Mud Island Community Garden!

Title: Haile volunteers in community garden

Haile is one of our Blossom PEP participants who has found a new grown passion for gardening! We couldn’t have been more proud when we heard Haile was volunteering at Mud Island Community Garden to learn more about his new hobby and he looks delighted to be there.

At Blossom Ireland, we strive to see our group blossoming into and developing their hobbies and passions to lead the way to their future!

“We were very happy to be approached by Blossom with the opportunity for Haile to work in Mud Island Community Garden”

Collette (Haile’s mam)

If you know someone like Haile that could avail of our services for young people with intellectual disabilities, get in touch with us as we have a few openings for our programmes at the moment.

Likewise, if you want to help a person like Haile to gain support while they pave the way to their future donate to Blossom today and help us reach more young people with intellectual disabilities!

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