How to make a Spotify Playlist – Accessible Tutorial

Title: How to use Spotify-Accessible Tutorial

Here in Blossom, we love listening to music and having a dance to help us feel great! Listening to music helps you feel less stressed, helps us feel better and it might remind us of some fantastic memories! One of the easiest ways of listening to your favourite music is by creating a playlist that you can add your own songs to so you can listen to them again and again.

To help create your own playlist, we have created an accessible step by step tutorial! Remember, it’s okay if you need help from someone else to complete some of the steps.

How to make a Spotify Playlist step by step tutorial

For more information on Spotify for beginners, watch this easy to follow tutorial made by Tech Gumbo below that covers setting up a Spotify account, looking for songs, creating playlists and downloading music!

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