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How to make your bed – Accessible step by step tutorial

Today 11th September is Make Your Bed Day! A day that reminds us of all the benefits a well-made bed offers. 🛏️ It helps us sleep better and feel happier!

So we’ve prepared a step by step tutorial to help you learn how to make your bed at home!

Remember that it’s ok if you need support with some of the steps. You can start with how many steps you’re happy with, and ask for support for the other steps.

How to make your bed – step by step tutorial.

Watch our accessible webinar on looking after yourself and how to schedule your day:

This webinar gives you some tips on how to learn a new skill and how to organise your day. The webinar is accessible to everybody but feel free to ask someone to watch it with you and to watch it as many times as you want.

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