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Title: Leia's Corner

I am part of a bodhrán group and we are called House 33 which was St Augustine’s past bodhrán Group.

I have played with Sharon Shannon in the National Concert Hall and we also played with her and RTÉ Orchestra. We were on TV with her called the Shine your Light Solstice. It was a great experience, some of us got to play with her and some of us didn’t because of the two meters restrictions because not all of us would have fit on stage so that’s why you see me on the screens in the picture underneath.

Do you play any other instruments?

I play the flute and tin whistle as well and the bodhran is my favourite.

What’s your favourite thing about playing the bodhrán?

My favourite thing about playing the bodhrán is the feeling of the beat and the melody of the tune.

Do you like listening to music? If you do, what music do you like to listen to?

Yes I do like listening to music. I would listen to any sort of music!

Do you have a favourite singer/ band?

 My favorite is singers are Imelda May and a lot of her old song’s , Amy Winehouse and Adele.

Check out this video below which shows Leia playing her bodhrán for us!

Leia's Bio - A little more about Leia
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