Leia’s Corner – College Life Pre and Post Pandemic

Title: Leia's Corner

Many things have had to change while we adjusted to life in lockdown. Like many other college students around the nation, Leia had to adjust to many changes around her college life. Leia is currently studying childcare at Inchicore College of Further Education.


While studying childcare, Leia takes classes in Child Health and Wellbeing, Assisting Children with Special Needs, Work Experience and Early Care and Education. While starting college Leia explains, “I felt nervous at first going to college but when I did my first class I started to relax and did all my college work and at the end of doing QQI level 4, I got two distinctions, one merit and a pass and I am still in college doing QQI level 5. During my first year of QQI level 5, I would have done a lot of college assignments. One of the assignments I had to do was called an access audit. In that assignment, I had to write about the layout of the college for students with Special Needs and I also had to use pictures of classes and halls and a lot of other things. The hardest thing when doing the access audit was that I couldn’t take my pictures or even ask a lot of questions to the tutor or even take notes.” When asked if there were other people with intellectual disabilities in Leia’s class she explains, “I wouldn’t know if there are people with intellectual disability in my class but there is in other courses”!

Leia is now doing her QQI level 5 course part-time every Friday from 9 am til 4:30 pm where she is loving every minute of studying childcare! When asked about her favourite classes, Leia explains “I don’t really have a favourite class they are all good and I enjoy taking part in the classes that I do.”


Here are some questions and answers from Leia about her college experience pre and post pandemic:

Do you get much support from your keyworker during college?

Leia gets a lot of support in college from her key worker Nicole from WALK during college, “I had other staff helping me as well as Nicole in doing my college assignments we would have met up or zoom called or skype and done college work over the computer.”

There have been both positive and negative effects for everyone when it comes to working and learning from home. Do you prefer learning from home or learning online?

I prefer to go to college in person than it being online because I am not meeting people or making friends at home. I hate doing zoom calls now because of COVID and I prefer to go to college and meet people.

What has been the hardest part about college online?

The hardest thing about a college being online is I couldn’t ask the tutor if I am doing my assignments right and I couldn’t even ask my support worker at the beginning of COVID for help but now I meet up with my support worker and I can do the assignments.

What has been the best part about college online?

Well I can go to the shops when I have a long break and I can drink coffee while the classes are on!

Have you learnt anything from doing college online that you will continue doing?

I have learnt that if my classmates and I want to put stuff up on Moodle we can or we can email our tutors as well instead of printing them off and handing them to our tutors.

What do you hope to do when you finish college?

 I hope to work with children that have special needs and become a Special Needs Assistant (SNA) in a school!

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