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Title: Leia's Corner

Earlier this year, Leia found herself in some bother while she was making herself some toast and accidently burnt it. The toast was burnt so badly that it set off the fire alarm in her apartment block and the whole building had to be evacuated! After this incident Leia thought it was probably time to try out a cooking class with her key worker!

Funny stories aside, when asked why Leia wanted to start a cooking class she explains “I decided to join the cooking class with my key worker because it gets me out of my apartment and I like cooking.” She joined Clonmacnoise Cooking which is provided by W.A.L.K.

Through this class, Leia has learned to make chicken curry, chicken stir-fry, spaghetti bolognese and this amazing lasagne that you can see to the right! When asked if she found the class useful, Leia said “I did find the cooking class useful and enjoyable and fun”.

Since COVID-19, this cooking class has helped Leia to be able to socialise again. When asked what was her favourite part of the course Leia said “talking, cooking and not being on my own!” Since attending the cooking class, Leia now cooks more regularly when she doesn’t visit her mam for dinner!

During the cooking class, Leia had the chance to cook alongside her keyworker Nicole from W.A.L.K. and one of her old school friends. The class was a year long and took place once a week for an hour and a half in the afternoon.

Leia's Bio - A little more about Leia
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