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Leia’s Corner – Starting New Things

It can be difficult to adapt to change, especially during this time of year where many things are in transition. School is back in session. The seasons are changing. And as we continue to live with the worldwide pandemic, it seems impossible to plan ahead! Has adjusting to new circumstances been tricky for you or your loved ones? Blossom Ireland’s Programme Advocate, Leia, has some advice to help you along the way.

Leia is no stranger to new beginnings. Even though she feels that, “a change is good in education and socially after lockdown, and not being on your own,” Leia says that, “the difficult part is when you start off at the beginning, but eventually you start to get used to doing what you have to do, and you complete the tasks at hand, and you succeed in it.”

After Leia’s work experience on the farm, she’s decided, “I would love to work on a farm and work with sheep and cows This takes hard work. During times of change it can be helpful to think about a time you were successful with starting a new activity and learn from that experience. Leia has some important advice about how to embrace new things using her experience with starting college.

To begin, Leia suggests that you, “take your time and mingle with the people in your class first, then see what happens.” Start slowly! Everyone is nervous in new situations but it is important to be your true self. Leia said that she, “talked to people and showed them I am a kind-hearted person.”

Leia learned that you should “just do as much as you can and if you need help, ask the people that are around you, and ask if they need help.” Working as part of a team is an excellent way to accomplish your goals. This is great advice that you can use when you are having a difficult time.

Lastly, try to embrace change with a positive attitude. Leia shares that, “the best part about starting something new is that you learn more and get to know a lot of people.” What’s your favourite part about starting something new? Thinking about the good parts of change can help motivate you along the way. And of course, always remember you are not alone!

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