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Title: Leia's Corner

Welcome to Leia’s Corner! This blog will give you a glance into Leia’s life. Each month will cover a new topic from Leia such as tips, experiences and a little bit about herself of course! Leia is our Programme Advocate here in Blossom Ireland.

5 Things About Leia

  1. I play the bodhrán
  2. I like to go for walks around my area
  3. I do a cooking class!
  4. I like to do reading at night
  5. I go to visit my mam and her two Yorkshire terriers called Tim who is twelve and Uno who is six and they are father and son.

How did you get a job in Blossom?

Before I got the job with Blossom Ireland I wrote them a letter with my C.V. and then I also did a video of myself talking about why I wanted to work with them and that I can’t wait and now I am apart of the team and I am enjoying it and I also enjoy talking to new people!

See Leia’s video below!

Since then, Leia’s become a strong asset to our team and helps us to develop our programmes to ensure they are the best they can be! Let’s hear how Leia is finding working in Blossom Ireland!

How do you feel you are supported working at Blossom?

 I am enjoying what I do with Blossom and I like the teams I am working with.

What has been your favorite part about working for Blossom? 

Meeting new people and getting more experiences.

How are you finding working from home? What would be your top tip to other young people if they had to be working from home?

It is not nice working from home I prefer to meet people in person.  My top tip would be to take a break and go for a walk.

Leia's Bio - A little more about Leia
Here’s a little more about Leia!

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