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Leia’s Corner – Working on the Farm

Title: Leia's Corner

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work on a farm? Leia has all you need to know! Leia worked on her uncle’s farm a few years ago because she loves working with her uncle and wanted to gain different work experience! When asked what about working on a farm interested her, Leia explained “because since I was little, I loved working with animals”.

On the farm, Leia did so many jobs! Some of the jobs were lambing, calving, moving cows and sheep to other fields and feeding the animals. Leia’s favourite job to do on the farm was feeding the cows and sheep because when the animals hear her uncle’s jeep they start getting really excited! It was a lot of hard work and dedication she explained, “well sometimes I would be up early in the morning and work until late at night, I know I would have to get up at 4:45 am till 12:pm for the lambing and calving aswell”. However, Leia loved every minute of it and she felt like there was no job she couldn’t do on the farm, “there wasn’t any struggles on the farm”. She explains that she felt support because her uncle would supervise her and then he would leave Leia to do the work by herself. When asked about other supports Leia says, “well, I also worked with my uncle’s dogs while I moved the sheep or cows”.

Leia wanted to try out working on her uncle’s farm because she always had great memories visiting, “when I was younger I used to have pet lambs and pet calves. Two of them used to follow me everywhere one was a lamb called Curly Sue and the calf’s name was Clara Lara and every time I would be feeding the other pet calves and lambs Clara Lara and Curly Sue used to come up behind me and mess with me by poking my bum which was funny and cute!”

After Leia’s work experience on the farm, she’s decided, “I would love to work on a farm and work with sheep and cows and turkeys”! Although for the moment Leia’s dream job is to be an SNA after she finishes college! Leia had some great advice for anyone out gaining work experience at the moment! “Be patient and listen to the person and always be there on time and never be late!” Some great advice from Leia!

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