Online Service Policy


In order to provide safe online services for registered participants of Blossom Ireland (from here on referred to as young people) and their families it is essential that the organisation has a policy for the provision of such services.

The following policy will be adhered to by all staff of Blossom Ireland during the provision of online services and agreed to by the parents/guardians in advance of the young person participating in online services, in order to ensure the safe provision of such services.

In any instance where this policy is not adhered to there will be disciplinary action taken against the staff members or participant who do not adhere. This policy has been implemented for the safety of the young people and their families accessing online services and for the protection of staff.

Online Services Procedure

The following procedure must be adhered to at all times before, during and after the provision of any online service to the young people or their families.

In calls with young people there must be two members of staff present on the call at all times.

Parents/guardians or Champion should be requested to be present in the room or very nearby while the young person is attending Blossom online services – Blossom cannot monitor any other sites or online content the young person is accessing during the provision of online services and therefore it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure the young person’s online safety

In order to maintain confidentiality Blossom will use the following software:

  • Zoom:

End to end encryption

Provision of virtual “waiting rooms” so no meeting is interrupted by the next.

Requires host to be present before the meeting starts.

Has a function to lock meetings so they cannot be accidentally joined by other people.

Participant will receive a link by email/text to join the meeting.

  • Talent LMS

Security procedure can be reviewed here:

Participants accounts are protected by a password.

Blossom Ireland will not tolerate any form of online bullying at any time, particularly during the provision of online services. In any meeting should the host believe that any member of the meeting is engaging in bullying behaviour, the person will be given a warning about appropriate behaviour, should the behaviour continue the host will remove the person from the call and will follow up with them when the call is complete. Appropriate measures for future meetings will then be decided.

The duration and content of all calls may be recorded in a document by staff on completion of the calls for training and quality purposes. This information will be held for a period of 7 years, securely in Blossom Ireland’s password protected cloud drive.