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Other useful coping skills options

Squeeze Something

If you have a stress ball or some playdough/silly putty squeeze it as hard as you can for a few minutes or until you start to feel a little better.

Muscle Relaxation

Tense all the muscles in your arms by making a fist and squeezing as hard as you can, holding for a few seconds and then letting go. Do this a few times and you should notice that you’re feeling more relaxed!

You can also do this with legs and other muscles in the body but they can be a little more difficult to explain!


Sometimes a little run around the garden or some jumping jacks can help!

Chill out spot

Have a little quite spot in your bedroom or in the play room. Have all your favourite things to chill out with. When things get a bit much take a few minutes in your chill out spot.


Build some meditation/mindfulness time into your day you can find some great guided mindfulness/meditation videos on YouTube and other platforms.

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