Partnership with Down Syndrome Mayo

Title: Partnership with Down Syndrome Mayo

We have been so excited to partner with Down Syndrome Mayo for another instalment of our Assertiveness Course through My Blossom Channel!

We’ve had an amazing group of young people from DS Mayo who have given their all to the course. Every week we have been met at our online meet ups with huge smiles and plenty of chat which has confirmed for us the impact My Blossom Channel courses has on these young peoples’ lives.

DS Mayo participants in My Blossom Channel

Our Educational Programme Coordinator, Maja Trninić had this to say:

“Our collaboration with DS Mayo has enabled us to reach out and connect with young people with ID and their families and provide them with our services and support. Thanks to the fact that My Blossom Channel is a blended learning programme, we were able to work with young people from different parts of Ireland who otherwise might not have gotten a chance to participate in a programme like this.”

Maja Trninić, Educational Programme Coordinator

We’re delighted that from week 1 participants are blossoming and embracing what they are learning about the importance and value of being assertive. Being able to reach these young people from DS Mayo through My Blossom Channel has been so rewarding when you see how much each young person has been impacted from the Assertiveness Course.

“Just a short email to thank you for last night’s meeting with the gang. I was in the other room, but could hear the laughs and the engagement from [my daughter]. I couldn’t  believe how expressive she was. Later I asked her how it was, talking about Data Protection,  her reply was class ‘I can’t discuss it, because it’s private’. Again thank you to allow my [daughter] to begin the journey of blossoming, as I know she has a beautiful inner voice”

Participant’s parent March 2021

Places are now available for our Assertiveness Course starting in May. Sign up below to secure your spot!

If you are an organisation interested in partnering with us and running a similar course for your members just get in touch with us on

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