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Looking after myself and planning my day – Accessible webinar for young people with ID

This is a webinar for young people.

The webinar will help you looking after yourself

and plan your days.

We have worked really hard to make it as accessible as possible and easy to follow. But support and encouragement from other family members might help. In fact we feel that everyone will benefit from this webinar during these difficult times so why not give it a try!

Join Imelda Fitzpatrick, Blossom Ireland Programme Director and Behaviour Specialist and Ellie Reilly, Down Syndrome Centre Occupational Therapist and learn how to schedule your day, how to create new occasions and what makes you feel good while staying at home.

Watch the full webinar here:

Useful tools and resources recommended by Imelda and Ellie during the webinar:

You can download and print the webinar slides here.

Scheduling App – Choiceworks. To download the app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod click here.

Step-by-step tutorials – click on the tutorial to download and print it

How to make a WhatsApp call?

How to make a Zoom call?

How to join a Zoom call?

Step by step examples of learning a new skill:

Choose one activity to practice at home
Ask your parents or Blossom Ireland if you’d like help with it
Break down the steps
Work backwards from the finish to the start

Table of emotions and tips to learn how to regulate them

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