How can you support us?

We want to extend the reach of our services and improve the lives of greater numbers of young people with intellectual disabilities. As a small charity with limited financial and human resources, we need the support of individual and companies to achieve that.

Whether it’s volunteering, a financial donation, or hosting a workplace tour – your support helps us to deliver and develop our services and make a positive impact on the young people and families that we work with.

Corporate Partnership

Blossom Ireland work with a broad range of companies to create opportunities for young people with intellectual disabilities. There are plenty of ways to lend your support from offering work experience opportunities to financial donations.

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Why not get sponsored to do something challenging like running a marathon or host an event like a coffee morning, and ask your friends, family and colleagues for support?


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With your one-off donation online or monthly donations, you are helping us continue to develop our programmes. We’re hugely appreciative of donations in any form.




We offer specific volunteering positions from time to time. Sign up to our newsletter to receive our latest news and volunteering opportunities.



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Schools & Colleges

There are so many ways that your school can take part and help support Blossom Ireland, from registering to one of our own events, organise your own fundraising or get involved in our Personal Empowerment Programme.

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We are committed to using every support and donation as effectively as possible. Blossom Ireland operates to the triple lock standard. This means transparent reporting, good fundraising and governance. You can know more about our public compliance statement and fundraising policies here.