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Tell us your unique story and win a night out to the cinema with your friends!

Blossom Ireland is asking for help from young people with disabilities all across Ireland!

As part of the design of our new online course UNIQUELY ME, we are asking young people with disabilities aged 14 to 25 from all across Ireland and beyond to send us a video answering one of the following questions:

  • Why having disability can be a superpower?
  • How did you find out you had a disability?
  • How do you think disabilities should be celebrated?
  • How do you tell other people about you and your disability?

We want to hear stories from all of you across Ireland, whatever your disability or how you communicate!

The videos will be used as part of our new online course Uniquely Me to illustrate important concepts and milestones around growing up with a disability. The videos will also be used to promote the course.

The deadline to record and send the videos is Wednesday 30th June 2021!

To say thank you and show our appreciation all participants will automatically be entered into a draw for a chance to win a night out at a local cinema and dinner with two friends! Total value of the gift €120. Winner will be announced and contacted on 5th July 2021.

Video requirements:

For each video start with the following: “Hi my name is…., age…, one hobby or fun fact about yourself, what’s your disability, its name and answer one of the above questions.

Have a look at the video of Leia to see how she did it.

Some small tips:

  • Use your phone to record the video;
  • Make sure we can see you and that you’re at the centre of the frame;
  • Make sure we can hear you well;
  • You can use sign language, pictures, or any other communication devices. You may also want to have a support person by your side.

You can choose to record only one video to answer one of the above questions or all of them, this is up to you! When you are done with recording your video(s) and you are ready to send them to us just answer the questions below and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions you can send us an email at

Thank you and Good Luck!

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