List of Day Services

It can be overwhelming when it comes to selecting a day service as sometimes parents might not even know where to start when it comes to locating day services in their local area. This list created by the HSE will give you the chance to undergo an enquire with all the day services in your local area to ensure that you have made an informed decision. To see the list click here.

Inclusion Ireland: Future Planning

Inclusion Ireland have created a seminar series about future planning that provides a lot of in-depth information about options when leaving school and different types of supports for young people with disabilities. Take some time out and watch these informative seminars below:


Is sampling day services a standard practice?

It is a standard practice but you must contact them yourself. The best approach is to try get in contact with someone in admissions or the training center coordinator.

What's the different between a day service and a training centre?

They are classed as a day service but within different day services they could have specific courses. When a person with intellectual disabilities goes into a day centre, they are essentially developing their skills so there are training elements and that’s where the terms can get mixed up.

However, these centres are not education based, so if there is a goal in mind of completing a QQI Level course or a FETAC course, that is something they would have to complete outside of the some day services. Bare this in mind while you are sampling services!

If someone is already with a service provider and they want to stat working, will the service provider help them?

This depends on the individual service provider. If part of their service is work experience they will help the person to find work. This also depends on what stage of the programme the service user is at. If this is your long-term goal it should be vocalised to the training centre from the beginning.