Transitional Survey Report

Title: Transitional Survey Report

How to successfully support young people with intellectual disabilities (ID) and their families during the transition into young adulthood.

Over the years, there has been debates on what is the appropriate and inclusive education for people with ID who are going through transitional periods into adulthood. We here at Blossom decided to conduct our own research on supporting young people with ID and their families during transitions. The study was conducted in July 2020 where 32 parents/guardians of young people with ID aged between 14-20 participated. This survey will play an important role in the development of service provision in Blossom Ireland, particularly in our Blossom Connect programme!

The main theme that was gathered from the survey was that families felt unprepared for their upcoming transition into adulthood for a variety of different reasons. Unfortunately, over 56% of families aren’t receiving any support during their transition into adulthood. For those who are receiving support, the type and quality differs frequently. Over 42% of families receive a degree of support from school.

“I would like someone to help me, to communicate with us as a family, to set some road map for the transition, etc. But I know I’m dreaming on this one!”

Participant 1

When it comes to Blossom Connect, over 64% of respondents expressed that they would like to avail of transitional support services. It is recognised that education is a basic instrument of social integration that many young people with ID can benefit from during transitional periods. However, there is a wide gap in these transitional supports and practices to guide young people with ID. This is where Blossom Connect comes in to fill the void! It has been discovered that person-centred planning are a successful approach when it comes to support. The key to a successful transition is that it is led by the wants, needs, aspirations and self-discovery of the individual and their family and that is exactly what Blossom Connect exceeds at.

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